Crenic Namalen

"If one can make things better for those around them, doesn't it become their responsibility to do so?"

  • NAME: Crenic Namalen

  • Race: Viera - Veena

  • GENDER: Trans Male (he/him)

  • AGE: 78

  • HEIGHT: 1,88m / 6'2

  • SEXUALITY: Bisexual

  • DATA CENTER: Crystal

  • SERVER: Goblin

Born to one of the hidden Viera villages by the Skatay Range, it was there that he grew up and, for many years, the life of isolation was all he knew. The notion of abandoning the place was not one he nurtured, until his younger sister, Alva, approached him about it. She desired more of life and yearned to see the world.Conflicted, but ultimately unable to bear the idea of his sister going out in the world by herself, Crenic agreed to join her. The world they would find was harsh and difficult, with the Empire's hands closing in on the region. Still, by taking odd jobs and joining in on resources, they would make a modest living. It was by being tangled in one of the failed rebellion attempts that things would truly change. Dragged away, Crenic was thrown into one of the Imperial prisons, where he would then be for over a decade.When fortune presented him with an opportunity to escape, he would not think twice. Weakened and hurt, the Viera ran and ran, past what his legs could carry him, no distance feeling like it would be safe enough. Eventually, it was in foreign lands that he would finally begin to recover, and start learning the trade of a healer himself, decided that after seeing so much pain in the world, he would offer comfort to those who had no one else to turn to, and do his part to make a change, however small.After long years of searching for one another, the siblings found themselves reunited. And while they each set off their own path, they keep in touch with each other.


  • Adults only, please. 21+

  • Fluent in English, but it's my second language, and I might make some mistakes, please be understanding.

  • I can do In Game, or Discord.

  • Can plot ahead or improv, let me know how you prefer.

  • Respect boundaries.

  • I reserve the right to end an RP at any moment.

  • I put thought and effort into my posts, and while I understand everyone has off days, I expect RP partners to make an effort at least.

  • I understand Life can get busy, but please give a heads up instead of just ghosting.

  • Open to ERP, but ask first. (No lalas)

Potential Hooks

  • A gentle smile: Soft spoken and always happy to get to know new people, he enjoys sharing tales and stories over drinks. If you're looking for some casual conversation, share tales of grandiose exploits, or a shoulder to cry on, Crenic is there for you.

  • Traveling Healer: There is often too much pain and suffering in the world, and Crenic is a man decided to do something about it. A trained healer, always looking to improve and study new methods, he seeks those who found themselves without anyone else to turn to, while expecting no payment except perhaps food and lodging. If you know someone in need, or you yourself need help, he will gladly offer a comforting hand.

  • Scars from the Past: Years under the Empire have left their mark, some more visible than others. Being one to make a conscious decision to not judge others, and who holds out hope for the best of people, Crenic still deals with a internal struggle at the mere sight of Garleans.

I'm 29 years old (He/They) and have been RPing for many years over forums, chat, games and more for over 15 years.